Antonio Li Cheung

Sales Representative

AV Team Real Estate

About Antonio Li Cheung

Antonio’s entrepreneurial spirit comes from a long line of businesspeople in his family. After emigrating from China to Panama, Antonio’s family established a successful supermarket where Antonio learned the intricacies of business management and the importance of customer service early in his life.

After coming to Canada, Antonio received his bachelor’s degree in computer science, but his passion was in business management. He pursued this passion and established several successful businesses both in Toronto and in China. While leading these various ventures, Antonio learned the importance of perseverance, attention to client needs and the relentless and sincere pursuit of a vision that benefited both the business and its’ clients.

Through the encouragement of Van, his childhood friend, Antonio decided to build on the skills he had already acquired and pursue a career in real estate where he applies his entrepreneurial passion and experience servicing the needs of clients to the AVTeam. From an early age learning about customer service at the supermarket in Panama to his latest interactions with his real estate clients, Antonio has committed himself to view the world from an honest and unselfish perspective where helping others is the most important reward in business.

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